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This is not a Curriculum Vitae rather it's a summary of my professional career, social and professional connections. I have an Engineering Degree, a qualified  Software Engineer however I didn't continue the practice long time, it was really a boring experience. I enjoy to create opportunities,  meet up people, work with business start-ups, generate ideas to bring benefits to me and the people in my network.

Web technology

Trade signal analysis

First part-time job when I was in 2nd year at University. After completing the graduation and officially becoming a software Engineer, I joined another company, this time a full time Software Engineer and continued until I moved to England. Reason to move to England was to continue further studies but at some point I could not continue but focused on professional career. While working part-time jobs, I was able to build up an IT Business (Creative Designs UK) and employed over 20 professionals in the business. Then I moved to Online Affiliate Marketing, Networking, Team building with over 2000 online professionals, Currency Trading. Currently I do few trades in a year and that brings enough for my living.

Try not to become a man of success, but rather become a man of value.
- Albert Einstein

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I am not much into social media lately however I have accounts with most of the social media platforms. These days, I spend a little time on Facebook only. Feel free to check my Flickr profile which has some awesome design works from the designers who worked at Creative Designs UK.




I am surrounded by awesome people. Some I met in person but most are from online presence and professional connections.  For this blog some of them provided their recommendations that represents me for them.

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